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​​​​​​​​​Level Term Insurance:  Our term portfolio consists of 10, 15, 20 - 35 year level term plans.  Customize a level term plan to meet your clients needs.  Face amounts as low as $50,000 to bands starting at 1 million.  Depending on company, a variety of riders are available:  Child Rider, Spousal Rider,  Accidental Death and Waiver of Premium.  

Simplified Issue Term: No Medical Exam, only 4 health questions to determine insurability,  Term or Term with Critical Illness Options.  Issues ages 18-60, 20 year term ages 18-55/15 year term for ages 56-60. Benefit amounts $25,000 to $250,000. Online simple application option - !  

Whole Life:   with face amounts of $10,000 and up.  5, 10 and 20 pay Whole Life plans ideal for estate planning and juvenile coverage.  Simplified Issue Coverage and Non Medical for those insureds who do not prefer testing.

Interest Sensitive Whole Life:  Combining the best features of whole life and universal plans, offering protection and guarantees and optional Lump Sum Dump In.  Minimum face amount  of $10,000 Non Medical through age 60 and $150,000.  

Single Premium Whole Life:  Excellent for estate planning,  CD alternative, Children's coverage, Annuity Alternative, Charitable Giving and Equity Transfer.  Return of Premium  Rider Option for flexibility and peace of mind. 

Simplified Issue Whole Life Plans:  for individuals with minimal health conditions or those needed a final expense plan or additional coverage.  Great option for those desiring Non Medical Issue coverage. 

Graded Death Whole Life Plans: offers deferred coverage to individuals with serious health impairments. No physicals on Simplified or Graded Plans, issue ages 0-80. Several carriers and options depending on health.  Plans with only 1 year and 2 year graded options, depending on health.  

Annuities:  A great way to grow monies tax-deferred and with guaranteed interest.  Plans include 3, 4,5,6,7,9 and 10 year penalty for withdrawal.  10%- 15% minimum penalty free withdrawal options.  Indexed and Fixed annuity options.  Flexible premium plans start with as little premium as $25/ month.  Excellent features such as:  Nursing home/disability waiver, penalty free withdrawals,  guaranteed interest and annuitization options.  IRA, Roth, SEP, SIMLE and 401K rollovers available.  SPDA's issued thru age 99. 

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