For 33 years, we have been giving our Dynamic Associates a chance to play coach and win some extra CASH!  

We know each of our associates has a game plan each day ..... and this is their opportunity to show us their A-GAME.

Our DYNAMIC AUTUMN KICKOFF  will be divided into four (4) quarters (months), as in any football game

Likewise, issued and placed policies will play a prominent role in keeping the score as to who is a WINNER and who is a LOSER……………………… 

Applications must submitted August 1st - November 30th to qualify.                                         


March Madness is over! 

​The Final Buzzer has sounded!!!

Some amazing skills and shots were displayed during the month of March!   

Each issued and paid application counted toward these great prizes for our March Madness Contest.

Thank you to all who submitted business and those who hit some AWESOME Game Shots!


Dynamic Monthly Ton Club

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Will you be our next Monthly Ton Club Winner? 

Each month the Top Dynamic Associate wins $100 cash! 

Every application counts!